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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year / Noel Tatiliniz ve Yeni Yiliniz kutlu olsun

Posted by on December 24, 2009 at 18:12 pm

ATASC wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. We hope for Peace, Love and Prosperity in our families, community, in our lands and throughout the globe.  Let the New year bring us all that our hearts desire.

ATASC hepinizin Yeni Yilini kutlar, tatillerinizin neseli gecmesini diler. Butun ailelerimiz, toplumumuz, memleketlerimiz ve dunyamiz baris, sevgi, muhabbet ve zenginlik dolu olsun. Yeni Yil da hersey gonlunuzce olsun.

2009 ATASC Board: Aytac Biber, Leyla Cohen, Volkan Duygun, Metin Mangir, Vega Sankur, Ersin Sengul, Ergun Tamer, Burcu Tansu, Hafize Turgut, Ayse Ulubay, Asuman Yilmaz

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Posted by on November 25, 2009 at 14:52 pm

ATASC celebrates Kurban Bayram and  Thanksgiving and wishes health, wealth and happiness to all ATASC Community.

ATASC Kurban Bayraminizi ve Sukran Gununuzu kutlar, Hepinize saglik ve mutluluklar diler.

ATASC Chapters are having quite a few events to bring all of you together at these joyous occasions.

San Diego – Nov 28

OCTAA – Dec5

VATAN – Dec 6   Check ATASC Chapter Websites – on the left side – for details

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ATASC ve UCLA TurkSA 10 Kasim Toreni. / 10 Kasim Rememberance Ceremony by ATASC and UCLA TurkSA

Posted by on November 11, 2009 at 15:50 pm

Attendee's at the 10 Kasim Ceremony
Attendee’s at the 10 Kasim Ceremony
ATASC, Association of Turkish Americans and UCLA Turkish Student Association organized a joint ceremony on the 10 th of November at UCLA to commemorate Ataturk’s life, accomplishments and his legacy. There were more than 90 people who had braved LA evening traffic to attend this ceremony and to pay their respects to the founder of Modern Turkey and to his principles and ideals.
The ceremony followed a program put together by ATASC members; enlivened by frequent audience participation. It opened up with a Moment of Silence followed by the presentation by Vega Sankur. She explained that the purpose of this event is twofold: One is pure rememberance for those of us who are very familiar with his legacy. The other is to inform and educate those who are not as familiar as us such as the first and second generation Turkish Americans and the American Public at large.
Hero at Anafartalar, Gallipoli Battle

Thomas talking about Ataturk's heroism at Anafartalar, Gallipoli Battle

The program followed his youth from Selanik to Istanbul. Vedat Gursoylu played a Rumeli folk song to the accompaniment of the audience.  We talked about his heroism at Gallipoli and how that heroism changed the flow of history.  The story of the watch that saved his life was recited. During Gallipoli Battle, Ataturk was at the front of his troops when a shrapnel hit him where his heart was. It pierced the watch given to him as a present by the same teacher who also gave him the middle name Kemal (Perfect). His life was  thus spared  to allow him to save Turkey from enemies and be written into the larger history.

After the map of Sevres Treaty and the situation that led to Ataturk starting the National Resistance Movement, the audience watched a 9 minute video about the Turkish Independence War. It was a good description of the dire situation in Anotolia after WWI, the Sevres Treaty and the Allied invasions. The Turkish Lands were divvied up by the Powers of the day, with the Empire crumbling and the Sultan collaborating with British Forces.  It  showed how Ataturk and hs commanders built a new Assembly in Ankara as the center of Resistance, built an army and fought all the powers one by one to save the motherland. It reminded us all how sacred that Independence was to us won by blood, sacrifice and great difficulty.

Most of the time was spent to talk about the 15 years of revolutionary change upon his IMGP0479Presidency. We discussed his vision for Modern Turkey, and the reforms that resulted from that vision. There was a lot of audience participation where people stated how these effected them, their families and their thinking.

Foremost in his thoughts was Peace, like all War Hero’s who knew firsthand the price of war. He made peace with all the nations that had atacked Turkey. His call to Anzacs is one of the most touching and peaceful adress  in history.

His desire for a secular state was to seperate the public institutions (law, education, government)  from the influence of religion.  He wanted a nation who was free thinking and used scientific reasoning without the cloud of some fundementalistIMGP0513 elements. He did not – as some people claim – banish religion, but elevated  it to its proper spritual domain. The other public, legal and educational reforms were discussed one by one. His 10th anniversary speech was broadcast.

His later years was remembered by a Sari Zeybek danced by Vedat and Ergun. The program ended with another moment of silence followed by the Turkish National Anthem.

ATASC thanks UCLA TurkSA for arranging this event and the attendee’s for the lively, intellectual and emotional discussions. We will make 10 Kasim Ceremony a yearly event with interesting programs in which we both honors Ataturk on this day, but also try to educate people on his legacy.



Etched in Our Hearts

Etched in Our Hearts

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Posted by on November 10, 2009 at 09:56 am

Sonsuza Dek

Ataturk passed away on November 10, 1938 at the age of 58. In his short life, he was the hero of Anafartalar, Gallipoli where he commanded the army that defeated the English, French and Anzac forces, turning away the Allied Forces. After World War I, when the Ottoman Empire was crumbling and all the Allied Powers were after the Turkish Motherland, he built and commanded the Turkish Forces who fought and won the Turkish Independence War. He established the Republic of Turkey.

He had a grand vision for the Turkish Republic. The 15 years he was at the helm, he unhesitatingly moved Turkey towards a modern, civilized, prosperous and enlightened Society. He liberated both Man and Woman from being the subjects of Sultan to being free citizens. He built a nation without any class or privilege distinctions, all equally protected by the laws of the land.  He started the national education campaign to take education into the every town and village in Turkey.

His reforms are too numerous and too monumental to fit into this page. And our debt and gratitude is too large to put into words. All I can say is that we will try to live up to his ideals and principles, and educate the new generations in his vision and accomplishments. UNUTMADIK, UNUTTURMAYACAGIZ.

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Posted by on October 29, 2009 at 10:32 am

29Ekim2009Dear ATASC Community,

On behalf of the ATASC Board, I would like to celebrate 29 October, 2009 Republic Day and wish you all many more such happy days under our beloved flag and on the path illuminated by Atatur”s principles.
On the 86th anniversary of our Republic, we are enthusiastically thinking about the ways we can live up to the legacy of Ataturk and our heroes who did not hesitate to give their lives for Turkey, and carry our country to its deserved place in the 21st century as envisioned by our fathers.  In this exciting journey, ATASC is very much aware that our first goals should be supporting  each other and working harder than ever, and as your organization, we will continue to proudly serve you in line with your  desires and expectations towards this direction.

Yours Sincerely,
Vega Sankur

ATASC President

  • Original Text was contributed by Mr. Ersin Sengul, President of  ATASC OCTAA Chapter


Değerli ATASC ailesi,
ATASC Yönetim Kurulu adına 29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramınızı kutlar, bayrağımızın altında ve Atatürk ilkelerinin aydınlattığı yolda beraberce huzur ve gururla geçireceğimiz nice bayramlar dilerim.
Cumhuriyetimizin 86. yılında, belki her yıldan daha yoğun bir şekilde, vatanımıza, Atamıza, şehitlerimize ve Türk milletine hizmet vermiş büyüklerimize nasıl daha iyi layık olacağımızı düşünüyor, medeniyet yolunda bir bütün olarak Türkiyemizi hakettiği hedefe nasıl daha yaklaştırabileceğimizin planlarını yapıyoruz.  Bu heyecanlı yolculukta en onemli unsurun birbirimize kenetlenmek ve yorulmadan calişmak oldugunun farkında olarak, ATASC ve ATASC Chapter’ lari üzerlerine düşen görevleri sizin de destekleriniz ve fikirlerinizle gururla icra etmeye devam edecektir.

Sevgi ve Saygilarimla,

Vega Sankur

ATASC Baskani

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