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Documentary Screening and Conference

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presented by the collaboration of ATASC, ATAA and STS

The Story of 1915 in Armenian Documents”

By Serkan Koc

“Armenian Allegations from Historical and
International Law Perspectives”

By Dr. Mehmet Perincek 


 Venue will be provided upon RSVP: 

Phone: 949 415-TURK

Refreshments will be served.


filmconf1915Dr. Mehmet Perincek was born in Istanbul. After primary and high school education in Istanbul he received a grant to study in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia.  Upon his return he graduated from Istanbul University Law School and started as a researcher on Ataturk reforms and Turkish Reform History at the same university.  His PhD thesis was Turkish-Soviet military relationships in Eastern Front from the Russian archives: 1919-1922. Between 2005 -2006 Perincek did research at the Institute of  International Relations in Moscow University. Between 2010-2011 he continued his research at the Institute of Asian and African Countries at the same university.

For the last 15 years Dr. Perincek has been doing research on Turkish-Soviet Relations and Armenian issue and has published numerous essays and eight books:

*Ataturk’s contacts with the Soviets-based on Russian archives
*Turkish Armenian conflicts through Boryan’s views
*150 Documents on the Armenian issue from the Russian archives
*Euro-Asian approach in Turkey: Theory and Practice
*Secret documents of Turkish-Russian diplomacy
*Kurdish rebellions in the Russian archives
*Young Turk Revolution at Stambulskie Novosti
*The adventures of Armenian nationalism with new documents: From Dashnaks to Asala

Dr. Mehmet Perincek’s books were also published in Russian, German, Persian and Azeri Turkish. Dr. Perincek frequently gives lectures at international symposia, appears in international TV programs. He is fluent in Turkish, Russian, German and English and also translates poetry and literary works from Russian to Turkish.

Serkan Koc was born in 1976 in Istanbul. In 2000, Koc started his journalism career at National Channel television, where he held various managerial tasks. Koc produced his first documentary “Hidden Ataturk” in 2006. To date, Koc has prepared nearly 50 documentaries in political and historical issues and many television programs.

1915 in Armenian Documents is a documentary which reveals the history of 1915, when the Ottoman Empire was struggling for its very existence and foes were pressing on all sides. 1915 documents the inhumanity of war and suffering, armed rebellion and the demise of an empire during World War I. Serkan Koc, who directed the documentary, says 1915 is a factual recounting of events by witness testimony. It is a product of extensive archival research that sheds light on a dark time in history.


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