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10 Kasim Ceremony – 2014

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 18:43 pm


10 Kasim Ceremony

10 Kasim Ceremony

ATASC continued its yearly 10 Kasim Ceremony tradition at a special location this year; at the City of Carson; steps away from the proposed location of the Ataturk Monument. ( There was more than 100 attendees even though it was a weekday evening in LA traffic.

The program opened with a moment of silence and continued with national anthems.

Dr. Vega Sankur, past president of ATASC opened the meeting, by a presentation of Ataturk’s vision for the young nation sprinkled with her family’s memories about Ataturk. Turkish Consul General Ms. Gulru Gezer continued the program reading the laudatory comments by famous statesmen around the world about Ataturk.

Gulru Gezer 10 Kasim

Gulru Gezer 10 Kasim

ATASC President Elect also talked about Ataturk and her feelings. All three speeches emphasized the gratitude our nation, and especially our women feel about the reforms.Dr. Ilhan Ozulu accompanied the program with well placed songs from Ataturk’s favorites or his story.

Burcu Tansu

Burcu Tansu

During the break, the attendees visited the proposed monument site and had a chance to ask their questions.

Location of Ataturk Monument in Carson, CA

Ataturk Monument’s Location

The second part of the program was dedicated to the Ataturk Monument. Mayor Jim Dear explained his concept for the Carson International Sculpture Garden as a place for leaders who served liberty, freedom and equality. Ahmet Alptekin explained his design concept as the chronological history of Turkish Nation, under Ataturk’s leadership, from end of WWI to modern times. Other members of the team were introduced with their roles. The crowd was very excited to have such a monument in SC in such a prestigious location among other world leaders.

Jim Dear

Carson Mayor Jim Dear

Vega Sankur and Jim Dear explained that we will go for the application shortly, early 2015; and we need to have some funds raised by then to have credibility in front of City Council.

Ahmet Alptekin

Ahmet Alptekin

Ilhan Sami Ozulu

Ilhan Sami Ozulu


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Donate to Ataturk Monument

Posted by on November 23, 2014 at 15:51 pm

Ataturk Monument in LA


We, the Turkish Americans in Southern California, have a very exciting project; working on a Ataturk Monument in the International Sculpture Garden of City of Carson, CA . We have already started the project and completed the design. All the permissions, formalities are to be completed in early 2015.  Now we need to raise funds. The estimated amount is roughly $150K including the long term maintenance.

You can find the details of the project on the web site:

If you are also willing to contribute to this historical and national cause please donate using the button below. The donations are all tax deductible and will only be used for the Ataturk Monument.

Thank you for your consideration and contribution.

Güney Kalforniya’da yaşayan Türkler olarak, yaklaşık 2 senedir, bizleri oldukça heyecanlandıran bir proje üzerinde çalışmaktayız. Kaliforniya’da ilk, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nde ise ikincisi olacak bir Atatürk Anıtı yapacağız. Anıt için mimari tasarım tamamlandı, yer belirlendi, resmi izinler de 2015’in başlarında tamamlanacak. Anıt, Carson Belediyesi’nin, Uluslararası Heykel Bahçesi’nde yer alacak. Yapım maliyeti ve bakım masrafları için öngördüğümüz rakam yaklaşık 150bin dolar.

Projeyle ilgili diğer ayrıntılar için, anıtın web sitesine bakabilirsiniz:

Siz de bu heyecan verici projeye katkıda bulunmak, bu tarihi ve ulusal meselede yer almak istiyorsanız, lütfen aşağıdaki ‘donation’ butonunu kullanarak dilediğiniz miktarda bağış yapınız. Yapılan bağışlar yalnızca bu projede kullanılacaktır ve elbette ki vergiden muaf tutulabilir.

İlginiz ve yardımlarınız için çok teşekkür ederiz.

ATASC is a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN: 33-0190399)
and all contributions to the Ataturk Monument are tax deductible.

Rebuilding A Community

Posted by on June 13, 2014 at 14:21 pm

untitledTurkish Philanthropy Funds would like to thank all who have donated to Soma Disaster Relief Fund. 100 percentage of your donations will be transferred to organizations that directly help the community impacted from the disaster.

 We are collaborating with our 38 formal partners in Turkey and our larger network to get real-time updates from the region. As these local NGOs are the first ones on the ground, their guidance enables us to make our grants wisely and more efficiently.

 Currently, our focus is on the “three Rs” – RecoveryRebuilding and Resilience. Your help ensures a fourth: Results. Accordingly, our priorities are to provide support in the areas of Education, Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Diversifying Income Generation in the region.

 Please read our detailed report here.

 Please donate here.

 You may also contribute to the Soma Disaster Relief Fund by sending your check to:

Turkish Philanthropy Funds 

Re: Soma Disaster Relief Fund 

216 East 45th Street, 7th Fl. 

New York, New York 10017 

Please make your checks payable to Turkish Philanthropy Funds and indicate “Soma Diasater Relief Fund” on the check. 


For additional information, please email us at


Please follow updates on developments in Soma disaster by using the hashtag #somarelief


The TPF Team

Turkish Philanthropy Funds is a tax-exempt organization described in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and your gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. | 646-530-8988

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ATASC Mourns Victims of Coal Mine Explosion in Turkey

Posted by on May 14, 2014 at 11:22 am


The Association of Turkish Americans of Southern California (ATASC) mourns the deaths and expresses its sympathies to the families of more than 245 coal miners who lost their lives in a mining explosion on May 13 in Soma, a district of Turkey’s Aegean province of Manisa.

As emergency teams continue their rescue efforts, our thoughts and prayers are with those workers who were injured or trapped underground.

ATASC supports the Turkish Philanthropy Fund (TPF) Disaster Relief program to help the families of the victims and encourages the Turkish American community donate to the TPF clicking the link below:


TPF Some Relief Fund

Even a penny would help.

In addition, you can send checks payable to ATASC to 2419 E. Harbor Blvd #185, Ventura, CA 93001 with a note “Soma Relief” or bring checks or cash to the Long Beach gathering this Sunday where we will have a special donation booth dedicated to Soma.

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Annual ATASC Picnic

Posted by on April 30, 2014 at 10:16 am

23Nisan-200x300Let’s get together and celebrate the Turkish Children’s Day Festival (23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Cocuk Bayrami) and Youth & Sports Day (19 Mayis Genclik ve Spor Bayrami) for all of Southern California. Turkiye Cumhuriyeti’nin yasinda gelin Cocuk Bayramimiz ile Genclik ve Spor Bayramimizi gene buyuk bir cosku ile buyuk- kucuk; el- ele nese icinde kutlayalim.

ATASC & all the ATASC chapters; ATASC-San Diego, LATAA, OCTAA, TALL, & VATAN, together are organizing the Children’s Day & Youth & Sports Day Festival at El Dorado Park in Long Beach on SUNDAY, May 18th, 2014, 2013, starting at 11:00 a.m. All children, all students, and all members of our community are invited to this festival with lots of fun events for children, youth & adults.

There will be a picnic for all with Turkish food. We are suggesting a donation $10/per adult member and $15/per non members to cover the cost of the food provided. Free event to kids ages 0-12.

Please tell us whether you can attend or not; and how many adults and children will be coming. We need your response as soon as possible since we will order the food accordingly. And we want to know how many children are coming to have enough snow cones, cotton candy, prizes for the games, etc

Fun at the picnic:
–Turkish food for adults, sodas, desserts, and tea. Kosher hotdog & healthy snacks for kids,
–Entertainment for children (jump house, popcorn, cotton candy, face painting- all welcomed to volunteers at this such fun activities.,
– Folk dancing
– Live Band
– DJ Music
– Magician
– Face painting
– Arts & Crafts table
–Tavla (backgammon) tournament,
– Soccer Tournament
**More surprises are on the way.

– Chicken/Beef Kebab, rice pilaf, salad, pita bread
– Baklava
– Kosher hotdogs for kids
– Soft drinks, water, traditional tea
(seeking sponsors for food donations or donations to cover food costs)

Special Program for kids & adults:
– Live National Anthem will be played by Dr.Ilhan Ozulu & violin, and will be sang by all kids, board members, volunteers & guests.
– Folkloric Dances will be performed by SD Turks.
– Live Band of SD Turks.
– Magician
– Special Guests
– Singings of Turkish School Students, we cannot wait enough watch their performances on the stage. ATASC-SD Turkish School, OCTAA Turkish School (OCTS), LATAA Turkish School & VATAN Turkish School students  will be on the stage. God bless them & their valuable teachers and school directors.
– Geography 101 game,
– Traditional games like potato sack, biscuit eating contest, guessing game for all, and many more…
– DJ Music
– may have more surprise entertainers.

* Will be having “drawing contest” ages between 5-12 subjected “Turkey, and ATATURK.” We believe all kids are the winners so will give prize to all contestants.***

You are all welcome to join. However, due to high numbers o guests, the foods will be ordered based on confirmed responses. Your RSVP is important to us.

You may bring the kids as the spirit of festival with costumes as well, since we have special photographer to take your kid’s personal photo at the event, it might be fun to be so colorful with the costumes, it’s totally optional.

ATASC family is exited to bring this event to you. We appreciate your attendance and possible contributions.

Early payments are highly appreciated. You may pay through PayPal PayPal bottom is located at the bottom of the festival event announcement very soon. Or, you can pay via checks. Make out your checks payable to ATASC and mail to:
(For checks please use below address)
Attn. Annual Picnic 2013
2419 E. Harbor Blvd #185
Ventura, CA 93001


Committee Chair
(818) 635-2323

**This invitation posted on behalf of ATASC BOARD **

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January 2014

ATATURK’s Corner

Ataturk dedicated 23 Nisan, the anniversary of the Turkish National Congress in 1920 to Children. His vision was:


He expressed it best when he addressed Turkish Youth:

"O Turkish Youth! Your first and foremost duty is to defend and protect the Turkish independence and the Turkish Republic for all eternity. All the mighty strength that you will need exists in the noble blood a-flowing in your veins!."

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

For a full text (In Turkish) Click HERE


On August 17, 1999, western Turkey was struck by a devastating magnitude-7.4 earthquake. Many thousands of people were killed, and many more made homeless by the quake that was centered near Izmit. Contributing to the rebuilding process, ATASC initiated an effort in February 2003 to build a new school for the children of Izmit. The school admitted its first class on September 13, 2004. ATASC still continues to support its namesake school.
Since 2006, ATASC sponsored 13 needy children, helped send 6 children to Space Camp Izmir, opened up a Computer Lab and a Science Lab. Most recently ATASC helped the school to open up a pre-school by furnishing four pre-school classrooms named for ATASC chapters. VATAN Chapter is currently in the process of furnishing a conference salon for the students of the elementary school.

CLICK Here For More Izmit Arslanbey School Pictures